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Remove Google Chrome annoying Pop Up Ads at the bottom right of screen – Windows 10, Google Chrome

Are you experiencing Annoying Popup ads at the bottom right of your screen. Not sure where they are coming from? Well, the newest thing is the these annoying notifications. Some of them are useful, however you must have agreed to it somehow, likely tricked into it. But Here is the easiest way to remove it. Heres one that I had to deal with – Open up Chrome – and enter the following into your address bar. chrome://settings/content/notifications From the Notifications window, you can scroll down the ALLOW notifications and find the one that caused the pop up. (this should be marked at the bottom of the pop up, the url […]

Microsoft Outlook – Meeting Scheduling Assistant button missing after update.

Microsoft Outlook, Meeting Scheduling Assistant button gone missing. When trying to book a meeting the Scheduling Assistant button is not there. (this seems to have affected Office 2013 & 2016) So, here is the quick fix. Unfortunately, the button will not just show back up. At least it hasn’t yet. But you can add a new one! To do so, follow these steps. Here is how. Right click where the button should be and click Customize the Ribbon. Then, you will need to select NEW GROUP from the bottom right side. Right Click the New Group (Custom) option you created and select Rename. Type in Scheduling. Next, from the same […]

Scam Callers or Microsoft Technical Support Scams – Asking for a refund

Came across this video while doing some extra digging on the Scam Callers. I’ve know people who have fallen victim to these types of scams. I have always been curious to where these guys are calling from. Check out this guys video posted below and you will see their setup. Props to Jim Browning for posting it and his work! You will see that the guys are working out of someone’s apartment. Also, watching this guy work against them is also pretty satisfying.

Amazon Glacier – Error Deleting Vault – Vault not empty.

First off, I was getting charged almost $15USD per month from AWS Glacier backup. Glacier is supposed to be a very cheap backup. So, I started digging. I stopped the backup on the NAS and was hoping to delete this archive, waited over a month. Still no luck to delete the files. Then after poking around I found out that my default was set to US East (N.Virginia). The vault on US East(Virginia) contained 2.3GB of data which did not make sense that I was being charged that $15USD for that. After digging around, I found two other archives setup on US East(Ohio) were equal to 3.6TB of usage. Unfortunately, […]

WINWORD.EXE – Entry Point Not Found

“Word is no longer opening?” Getting the following error. “The Procedure entry point EnumCalendarInfoExEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”. Here I was helping out a client with printing issues, I need to reboot.. But there are updates in the queue. So, installed the updates. not only can they not print anymore they can’t open up Word! The system I’m working on, Windows XP running Office2010. Here is the only things required to fix it. Here is how you fix it.. Open Add or Remove programs. – Make sure to Click on the SHOW UPDATES box at the top. Look for Security Update KB4462174 for Office […]