Computer Questions

Computer Questions:

Frequently Asked Computer Questions (FAQs)
Please feel free to send any frequently asked computer questions by leaving them in the Comment Section as a Reply.
Hopefully here you’ll find some quick solutions to the more frequently computer problems.

My computer will not turn on.
If your computer will not turn on there are a few things to check. Unplug the power and wait 15 seconds, then plug it back into the wall. (verify the plug in the back of the tower or computer, and to the wall or power strip) Verify that the power strip is functioning. If it has a reset button, press the button.

My computer has frozen and will not respond to keyboard.
If the keyboard does not respond, verify that the keyboard is plugged in. Is there a CAPS LOCK light on the keyboard, does it turn off and on when you press the CAPS LOCK button.  If not, then that means the Operating System is frozen and will need a Cold Restart (Press and Hold the Power button till the computer turns off, wait 15 seconds then press it again to restart). If the problem continues to reoccur you may need ASD Solutions.

I think my computer has a VIRUS!
In the case that a virus was reported, this is not necessarily something that should cause worry.
If your computer has an Anti-Virus program installed, then it will quarantine or remove the virus. If you do not have an Anti-Virus program installed one should be installed to scan the computer.

Should I trust a Cloud backups?
Cloud backups has become one of the easiest and most reliable option when it comes to backups. However, a Cloud backup can be very save assuming that you take all necessary precautions. For security, there are something that you should look into, which is Encryption for the connection and your files. Also one must remember that local backups are always subject to damage or failure. (If you backup locally, always make sure to keep a copy elsewhere to be safe)

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