Computer Services

Computer Services

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On-site Computer Services


Montreal & West Island (Labor time starts upon arrival)
– Hourly fee applicable for computer services provided


send us your computer issue post ideas-asd solutions



*All computer services on site are minimum of 2 hours of service time. If system cannot be repaired onsite, we will collect your system for repair in-store and deliver back to you the repaired unit with $20 fee or pick up free

Basic Diagnostic $60.00
-Identify problems in your system with recommendations for repair

System Tune Up $75.00
-Optimize system speed and boot up time

-Includes free upgrade recommendations
Cable Management $75.00
– Organize and secure electrical, data, and other cables
– Provides better airflow and performance
System Dust Removal and Cleaning $50.00
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Installation $500.00
– Installation of a NAS system to local networks of up to three computers
Add mobile device to Network Attached Storage $75.00
– Configure your mobile device or smartphone to share content with a NAS system
– A third party mobile application may be required for access 

Operating System Installation $80.00
(Windows or Mac OS)
– Install all drivers and Windows updates
– Install Microsoft Security Essentials
– Remove unnecessary software
– Operating System software not included
Create Recovery Disk for New System $100.00
– Includes system recovery USB key
– Remove unnecessary software
– Install Windows updates and Microsoft Security Essentials
– Install free applications
Application Installation $50.00
– Install individual software (MS Office, Anti-virus, accounting software, etc).
Virus Removal $150.00
– Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, spyware, etc.
– Includes Norton or MacAfee Antivirus software with latest updates
Operating System Installation With Data Backup and Restore $250.00
– Includes a backup of your data before installing a new operating system onto your computer.     **Data is then restored to your computer

Data Backup / Transfer over 2TB  $125.00
– Backup data to external hard drive
Data Backup / Transfer up to 2TB  $100.00
– Backup data to external hard drive
Basic Data Recovery $350.00
– Recover deleted or corrupted files
– Includes a free 1TB hard drive
Professional Data Recovery $1500.00
– Hard drive is physically damaged, is making clicking sounds, or is not detected at all

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