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How to share screen to multiple people for free

Here is the easiest way to share your one screen with multiple remote users

A good example of how to use for this is to share a call center screen containing agent statuses and calls waiting in the queue.

Currently, I was faced with the problem of having all the Customer Service Agents working remotely as we have been dealing with COVID-19.
Our office building is closed, and all the agents were set up remotely at home. Our new reality working from home presents new challenges.

***The solution for this particular issue needed to be very easy for multiple users without any installation required.



If your data is available on a computer or device, here is how it can be shared anywhere in the world with another device that has a web browser.

screen share with other computers-asd solutions

Here are some quick steps to start sharing something right away.


Step #1 Go to: and click on Share your screen now!



Step #2 Create an account. No Credit Card Needed. (Note: Handle will be part of the end part of the URL you will share)



Step #3 Once the account is created, you can right away click on Meet now. (which will download the software)


Step #4 Look for the download and run the installer



Step #5 Right away your screen will be shared a URL created. ie..<handle provided>

How whatever you have on your screen (where the little box is will be shared via a URL). See the example below.




This software was very useful in my case, as all the Customer Service Reps needed to know the calls coming in and who else was available without need to install software on every computer.



This simple install was added to the computer with the PRO version at our office and our problem was solved.  You can now share screen@!



Pricing Chart

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