Microsoft Outlook - Meeting Scheduling Assistant button missing after update

Microsoft Outlook-Meeting Scheduling Assistant Button Missing After Update

When trying to book a meeting the Scheduling Assistant button is not there

*(this seems to have affected Office 2013 & 2016)*

Outlook missing Scheduling Assistant button

So, here is the quick fix.

Unfortunately, the button will not just show back up. At least it hasn’t yet. But you can add a new one! To do so, follow these steps. Here is how.

Step 1# Right click where the button should be and click Customize the Ribbon.

*Customize the Ribbon

Step 2# Then, you will need to select NEW GROUP from the bottom right side.

Step 3# Right Click the New Group (Custom) option you created and select Rename. Type in Scheduling.

Step 4# Next, from the same window. on the left hand side select All Commands, and scroll down till you find Scheduling. Select Scheduling and click add and it should add the Scheduling (Custom) option to your Group.

Step #5 Now, you can click and drag the Scheduling(Custom) option you created to the place of your choice. (within the appointment category).

Step #6 Press OK and you should see the icon ready to be used.

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