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Controlling your home from your smartphone? Adjust your thermostat or turn the lights on from halfway across the world. Did you leave the garage door open?
Are you working from a small office and can't seem to justify the cost of a full time IT team? Contact us for assistance when you need and within your budget.
Do you work from home? or work remotely from a coffee shop, etc? Do you have questions on how to make your small business look like a large corporation? Contact us.
Cloud Computing
__________________________________ Thinking of moving your office or data to the cloud. Do you have offsite backups? Let us help you setup a regular backup on the cloud.
Web Development
____________________________________ Do you need help with or would like to have a website? Would you like us to manage it for you? Or maybe even set it up an teach you how to keep it up to date.
Computer Repairs
____________________________________ Having problems with your computer/servers? Don't contact us to fix or replace your computers. Problems with software, we can connect remotely at any point.
Home Automation
__________________________________ Have you heard of all the new Home automation options out there? Controlling your lights, temperature fans from anywhere? It can be one easily. Ask us.