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WINWORD.EXE – Entry Point Not Found

“Word is no longer opening?” Getting the following error. “The Procedure entry point EnumCalendarInfoExEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”. Here I was helping out a client with printing issues, I need to reboot.. But there are updates in the queue.

So, installed the updates. not only can they not print anymore they can’t open up Word!

ERROR: Entry Point Not Found – EnumCalenarInfoExEx

The system I’m working on, Windows XP running Office2010. Here is the only things required to fix it.

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Here is how you fix it.. Open Add or Remove programs. – Make sure to Click on the SHOW UPDATES box at the top.

Look for Security Update KB4462174 for Office 2010.

Then click on Uninstall.

Your issue has been resolved!

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