how to connect wired device to wireless network

How to connect wired device to wireless network

These little devices have been great for all the remote offices being setup during COVID-19

The TP-Link Wireless Client has been a great way to setup people with IP Phones without having to wire it.

tp-link – TL-WR802N

How to install and configure the TP-Link Wifi Client

Step #1 Plugin the  Wifi Adapter.

Step #2 Then from a computer with Wireless access, connect to the new WiFi network             created by the WiFi adapter.

Step #3 Login using the password provided on the small Paper card provided.

Step #4 Once connected to the network, open a web browser and go to the Web Management Page (link) listed above. (


*If the link does not work, please try
Use the Credentials also provided on the card – admin/admin


Step#5 Once logged in – then start running through the Quick Setup, by clicking NEXT.

Step #6 Click Next (or change password if you prefer)

Step #7 Select Client as the Operation Mode.


Step #8 Select your WiFi network then click the Connect link.

Step #9 Enter your WiFi’s password



Step #10 Then Click Next on the following screen (Smart IP)



Step #11 Then click NEXT or FINISH and the device will reboot and the connection will be made.


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