Just in case you face this virus..

In case your anti-virus does not Remove JTI/Suspect.131076 virus (without buying more software)

Faced with this virus on multiple computers at one time, likely from an email

McAfee detected the virus and removed it, but it kept recreating itself over and over again.

When I could look at the services, there were multiple services that were installed with the trojan with names like 19209487, 12394765 and so on. (up to 10 different services).

However, McAfee removed the actual executable which were created at c:\Windows.

Step #1 Remove the services I ran the following from PowerShell.

<< command lists services starting with 1%>>

 gwmi win32_service -filter “name like ‘1%'”

<< command deletes services starting with 1>>

gwmi win32_service -filter “name like ‘1%'” | ForEach-Object {$_.delete()}

Step #2 Create a System Restore point first.

Download and run AdwCleaner –


Download and run the portable version of Zemana Anti-Malware


Download and run Junkware Removal Tool –


After these, your system should be clean.
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